Understanding the CS:GO Betting Scene Worldwide

ESports are still new to the world, very much so in comparison to other, more conventional sports, such a football or rugby. Regardless, ESports are massively growing in popularity, so much so that predictions are already being made the ESports will surpass other sports in a few decade. This may or may not be true, but either way one cannot ignore the massive hype currently around the ESports world. Fighting games such as Street Fighter are massively popular both in terms of spectating and betting, while the classics such as Starcraft still draw big crowds. Nothing compares to the popularity of CS:GO, however, also known as Counter Strike Global Offensive.

CS:GO is a first person shooter game, based around two teams facing off in various competitive situations. The most popular form of the game is the act of wiping out the enemy team, which is achieved via shooting the enemy players, or blowing them up with explosives. This is a great deal more difficult than it sounds. The game puts heavy focus on strategy and tactics, and good teams will use manoeuvres that put the enemy team at a disadvantage via clever use of the map. Communication between team members is essential, as well as a strong supportive cooperative play.

CS:GO Betting Opportunities

CS:GO betting is becoming more and more common in New Zealand and the world. The professionally played CS:GO games are extremely competitive and very fiercely fought, which makes for exciting bet making opportunities. Further more, given that the professional teams are still very young, match results can also be very unpredictable, which means that major opportunities exist to make good money off underdog bets. Those who are familiar with the teams and the various aspects of the game are the most likely to make excellent CS:GO betting decisions.

CS:GO betting is now available at most USA online betting sites under the ESports heading. Other professionally played games such as Street Fighter, Starcraft 2, and Mortal Kombat will also be found in this section. CS:GO is normally the major point of focus, however, given its massive popularity around the world. The game is one of few that has fans on every continent, making it a serious drawing card in the ESports world.

Betting Options

CS:GO betting sites will generally be simple and easy to understand. Fixed odds are given to participating teams, which will appear as something like 1/2. This means that if a bet is placed on this team, and the team wins, the bet maker will be given even money. For example; a bet of $1o will payout $20. The original money plus that same amount again, hence even money.

Odds of 1/10 will be given to a much less likely to win team since, in betting, the situation is always risk versus reward. A bet of $10 would payout $100 at 1/10 odds, which is clearly very lucrative. Be aware, however, of the risks involved when CS:GO betting, as results can often be unpredictable, as has already been said. It is a good idea to research teams before committing money.