Barrel Racing Betting Options With Cheat Sheet

Barrel racing is primarily a timed rodeo event – racing the clock and each other whilst navigating an obstacle course created with a number of barrels in marked locations. Riders enter the course at full speed, navigating around barrels in the pattern of a clover leaf. Riders then exit at the same point at which they entered the arena.

The winner is the rider that has steered the course in the fastest time. This is achieved by travelling around each barrel as close as possible, whilst minding not to knock a barrel over. Knocking a barrel over carries a 5 second penalty to the rider’s overall time. This will make or break a race.

In order to improve timing accuracy, most events make use of electric timers with sensors that automatically stop the time once it senses the nose of the horse passing by. This is much more fair and accurate than the human eye coupled with a manual stopwatch.

Should a rider fail to form a clover pattern, the result is a no score. The idea behind barrel racing is that it should remain a precision event.  It is also the ultimate test of the relationship between a rider and her horse.

True Star Of The Event

The horse is the true hero of any barrel race. Barrel racing horses are highly valued and usually very expensive to acquire. They are lean fitness machines and very fast indeed. The horses betting are only as good as the real money slots for Android gear to equipped with. The quality of the saddle pad, the perfect fit when it comes to the headstall and even the quality of the bit all play a large role in the overall outcome of a barrel race and the best online sports betting wins.

The Powers That Be

The Women’s Professional Rodeo Association oversees the Barrel Racing Industry. The Association hosted the first official barrel race in 1948. Barrel races events are generally held at professional cowboy rodeos, with the top 15 competitors being invited to compete in the World Championships.

Where There’s A Race There Will Be A Bet

As is the case with Horse Racing, Barrel Racing enthusiasts are also given the opportunity to bet on their favourite rodeo rider. Provision is made for different betting options, including the horse to trot out of the race the ultimate victor, a prediction made regarding the various positions in a race, multiples – combining selections from more than one race, generally yielding a better payout return on the bet placed, mixed multiples – making provision for a combined bet on more than one race in more than one event and finally, a full cover bet – a bet consisting of all available mixed multiples in a pre-determined selection. It is in the bookmaker’s best interest to continuously come up with fresh ideas for new betting combinations in order to keep the options exciting.

Participants love variety. Barrel Racing is a nice change from ordinary Horse Racing, adding a bit of variation to the available options.